Cressi España Professional diving equipment SINCE 1946
Made in Italy

Console of minimum dimensions that has a mini manometer and an analogical gauge lightly angulated to optimize its reading.

Minimalist reinforced thermoplastic rubber case really resistant to abrasion that allows an easy instrument substitution for cleaning or maintaining. There’s a ring on the high and low parts to fix the console to the jacket.

Gauge with metallic core and diaphragm work:

  • Very precise wide segmentation especially of 0 m to 12 m height
  • Luminescent quadrant divided chromatically in three parts: green (until -2 0m), blue (from -20 m to -40 m) and red (from -40 m to -70  m)
  • Maximum depth pointer in red color
  • Dimensions: Ø50 mm x height 24.5 mm

Manometer with really visible digits of big dimensions: 

  • Graduated sphere from 0 to 350 bars in segments of 10 bars
  • Especially wide and precise segmentation from 0 to 80 bars
  • Dimensions: Ø50 mm x height 17 mm

Weight of the hole mini console: 420 g (HP hose included).

Recommended price
EKC 764550
CONSOLA 2 ELEMENTOS (manómetro+profundímetro)
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