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The silicone of the mask’s skirt suffers a slow exudation process once it’s removed from the mould where it has been injected. This process greases little by little the elements that are in contact with the skirt creating the annoying and famous grease coat over the glass. It’s necessary to eliminate it to avoid, diving after diving, being forced to use the traditional anti fog.

A great deep degreasing is the best basis to avoid being aware of our mask for life. The systems that traditionally have been used for that function are always aggressive, in many cases surprising and in some of them even dangerous: immerse the mask in coke drinks, abrasion with toothpaste, burning the glasses, use of industrial degreasers of bad compatibility with the plastic, etc.

Cressi has specifically developed PRENOFOG, a product with unique presentation in 8 g one-dose containers that has been widely tested before its commercialization with masks considered “unbeatable” by its users. It’s a gel with great greasing capacity and lightly erosive texture (it has micro particles of pumice stone).

One application rubbing the internal glasses during maximum two minutes and its immediate and perfect clearing with water guarantees a surprising effectiveness, over usual systems and without any risk.

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This product acts because of soft glasses erosion. Apply over the internal glasses and rub with the finger one or two minutes. Clear immediately and deeply.

Don’t let it act more than that time; it could damage the plastic components as it happens with any other powerful degreaser.

It’s not necessary to apply it on the external part.

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EHX 720004
PRENOFOG (monodosis 8gr)
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