Cressi España Professional diving equipment SINCE 1946
Made in Italy

OCEAN mask

New evolution, with an unbeatable price, form the replicated concept of the Big Eyes Mask, applied with an advanced assembly system that obtains a frame of minimum thickness (6 mm) and lightens the weight of the mask remarkably to only 175 g, strap included. The frame no longer requires a defined edge to fix the crystals that increased the thickness of the mask, but it is the main casing itself that surrounds and presses the silicone on the crystals assembling the mask.


GAMMA snorkel

High range snorkel especially manufactured to get a perfect anatomic shape with regard to divers, with a progressive profile completely rounded. The deflector on the top reduces accidental water entrance from the waves without being detrimental of the air flow.

Tube made of very flexible transparent polyurethane. The silicone mouth piece is very comfortable, designed matching different thickness to avoid tension in the user’s jaw. Side discharging room and discharging valve with elliptical silicone diaphragm protected to avoid the entrance of sand.

The assembly nozzle/tube is particularly safe in case of accidental separation. It is a very polyvalent snorkel to be used on both, left or right side of the face. The snorkel includes a very safe transparent clip on the tube, easy to put.


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The Ocean Vip Kit is displayed in a transparent reusable bag with solid hanger.

Mask Ocean +Info

Snorkel Gamma +Info

Recommended price
ADM 100011
KIT OCEAN VIP Transp.-Surtidos (Ocean + Gamma)
ADM 1000113
KIT OCEAN VIP Transp.-Aguamarina (Ocean + Gamma)
ADM 1000115
KIT OCEAN VIP Transp.-Negro (Ocean + Gamma)
ADM 1000116
KIT OCEAN VIP Transparente-Transparente
ADM 1000125
KIT OCEAN VIP Dark-negro (Ocean + Gamma)
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