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F1 small is a single-crystal mask for thin faces with an elegant, harmonious design with frameless technology. The silicone is assembled directly on the crystal with no need of frame. Having a non-solid frame insures a good visibility in all directions, as allows a very close distance between eye and crystal without annoying pressure in the front head or above the nose.

The skirt is very polyvalent for all kind of physiognomies and offers a high comfort even when using it for extended time. The calculated design of interior spaces combined with the calibrated skirt flexibility, variable depending on the area; provides a great mask’s stability with a great comfort and adaptation polyvalent. The extremely glossy silicone finishes provides an attractive look, enhanced by an unprecedented range of colors, 4 versions in colored silicone.

The buckles are fully tilting and the strap easily adjustable with one hand. The assembling system of the buckles on the silicone prevents the deformation of the skirt during the use of the mask (very common on the models that anchor the buckles in the main skirt) and the tension of the strap occurs on the edge of the skirt, improving at user’s taste, the proximity level of the crystal/eye and, therefore, the optimum volume and visibility of the mask. It is a mask suitable for amateur and sport use: snorkeling and diving. +Info


Dry Junior snorkel

The Dry snorkel tube has an unparalleled terminal on the superior part that has a special valve with 100% anti-splash buoying system that closes the tube on the moment that it’s underwater avoiding water entrance.

Corrugated Silflex tube that maintains the mouthpiece always well positioned. The silicone mouthpiece is really anatomic and designed for small mouths. A special valve with elliptical emptying diaphragm facilitates the water removal with the minimum effort.

It’s the perfect snorkel for kids that are not used to snorkels, because the always conflicting water entrance due to the waves or to the position on the surface is completely eliminated. +Info




Packaging in a reusable clear bag made of mix polyester-pvc with reinforced handle.

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ADM 1000049
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