Cressi España Professional diving equipment SINCE 1946
Made in Italy
Kit máscara + tubo KIT QUANTUM + ITACA ULTRA DRY

Sky Junior mask

Sky junior is the modern single-crystal mask derived with especially elegant, harmonious design. The skirt is very polyvalent for all kinds of physiognomies and offers a great comfort even with much extended use. The design calculated of interior spaces combined with the calibrated skirt flexibility, variable depending on the area, provide a great mask’s stability with a great comfort and adaptation polyvalence. The frame is very subtle guarantees great visibility in all directions, but especially to the sides, because it allows a maximum approach eye / glass without annoying pressures on the front or on the high part of the nose. Shatterproof tempered glass. The belts are completely tilting and have immediate regulation of the strap with only one hand. The belt system’s anchorage on the frame avoids deforming the silicone skirt during the mask’s use. It’s a perfect mask for amateur and competition use: snorkeling and junior diving.  + info

Top Junior snorkel

Snorkel of reduced dimensions, especially made for kids and women. Clear snorkel in flexible material with adjustable grip clamp to the mask. The snorkel finish has a valve with anti-splash buoying system that closes the tube on the moment that it’s underwater avoiding water entrance, even with waves. Silicone mouthpiece studied to offer a high comfort level even with an extended use. Elliptical silicone discharge valve that facilitates the snorkel’s emptying. + info

Homologación CEInfo códigos y precios distribuidores

Presentation in transparent blister with three exposition options: vertically, horizontally or over its shelf basis.

Recommended price
ADM 100200
KIT SKY VIP JUNIOR Surtidos (Sky + Top)
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