Cressi España Professional diving equipment SINCE 1946
Made in Italy

V-shaped wishbone with the objective that the rubber bands are as close as possible to the shaft and reduce their vibration to a minimum, especially when fishing in breakwater.

Inverted plate-shaft connection, (the plate acts as a female), to reduce the possibility of the shaft nylon getting caught.

Robust 4 mm diameter plate with angled hooking nail to facilitate hooking safely even when loading attack not perfectly centered on the notch of the shaft.

Ø4 mm AISI 304 hardened stainless-steel plate and shaft with lock by washer and self-locking nut.

Slightly oval ball-shaped integrated balls with a maximum diameter of 7 mm, which allows mounting even on thin rubber bands with a Ø1 mm cannula without difficulty in inserting the wishbone and without excessive force from the ball at the critical choke point with the cape. This wishbone is the safest option to avoid rubber breaks with high tension requirements, especially in small diameters.

Legs with a conical section from 4 to only 2 mm in the strangulation area with the rope. This design ensures locking without the need to overtighten the knot. The shaft progressively decreases in diameter to avoid machining steps.

Anti-glare bronze finish.

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Visione in piano dell'obice, possono osservarsi le aste eccessivamente minimizzate (3,5 cm in totale) ma l'ampio spazio per le dita che permette la pletina sovradimensionata.

Pletina sovradimensionata con ampio solco di pizzo pressaggio per evitare che si debiliti.

Presentazione in blister di cartone.

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EFA 350032
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