Cressi España Professional diving equipment SINCE 1946

Minimalist wishbone for mounting strip rubbers without threaded bushings. It is advisable for all types of meter rubbers but especially for the reduced diameter given the peculiarities of its refined design.

High precision machining in a single piece of AISI 304 steel. The structure in a single piece prevents erosion and possible cuts or small tears inside the cannula that can damage the rubber.

Integrated spheres with a stainless steel slightly oval sphere shape with a maximum diameter of 7 mm, which allows mounting even on thin rubbers with a Ø1mm cannula without difficulties in inserting the wishbone into the rubber cannula and without the sphere forcing the rubber too much into the critical choke point with the cape. This wishbone is the safest option to avoid rubber breakage with high tension demands, especially in small diameters.

Legs with a conical section from 2.6 to only 2 mm in the area of ​​constriction with the rope. This design ensures lockdown without the need to force the knot excessively. The legs are progressively decreases in diameter to avoid steps in the machining.

Eyelets to tie the Dyneema with double chamfer machined to avoid erosion of the rope. Exterior of the eyelets are also rounded. Allows ropes up to 3mm in diameter.

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Stainless steel spheres with a maximum diameter of 7 mm, and a strangulation zone with the blocking rope of only 2 mm in diameter. This design ensures locking without the need to force the knot excessively and limiting internal pressure on the rubber. Tapered legs without machining steps.


Hole for use of rope up to 3 mm in diameter.


Overhead view of the wishbone.


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