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The entire experience of snorkeling seen from the surface is the new sensation that allows us to comfortably enter the underwater world.

We are talking about Reef, the new Cressi Window ISUP with the largest window created to date.

Thanks to its 34” (86 cm) wide fish shape, which extends from the paddle post to the nose, and the robust Crystal Clear PVC shell, the Reef Window offers exceptional underwater views.

A high buoyancy, the curved nose and its generous 9” (23 cm) fin, give this board great stability to comfortably admire the seabed, wherever you go.

It is the largest window in the ISUP category, Cressi’s latest achievement in the development of underwater sight boards.

Made with a solid and thick layer of transparent PVC (1) with perimeter reinforcement, it has the perfect dimensions to eliminate deformations and structural deficits. In addition, thanks to the non-glued laminated material (2) and the double-layer profile, Reef offers an excellent panoramic surface and great paddling comfort.

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Technical specifications.


Performance chart.


All the experience of snorkeling, but from the surface: a new perspective from which to admire the underwater world. This is Reef, the new Cressi Window ISUP with the largest window created to date. The “Fish” large shape of 34” (86 cm), combined with the laminate material, has allowed us to design an elongated window that extends from the rowing station to the nose. Thanks to the robust layer of Crystal Clear PVC, the Reef window offers exceptional views of the high seas. The high buoyancy, the curved nose and the generous 9” (23 cm) fin give the board great stability, to admire comfortably the seabed, wherever you go.


Transversal structure of the core of the board.


Structure of the perimeter reinforcement band.


Non-slip upper fabric.


Window structure.


Kit of accessories supplied as standard.


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