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The spare parts are perfectly adaptable with the previous model. There’s a metallic filter on the air entrance under the valve stem and a cylindrical filter around the valve.

 It has a really robust body with an attractive design. The inflation velocity has been recalibrated, 50% higher (M size traditional jacket in 4 seconds at 1 atm). “Anti sand” design which has minimized the oral pump nozzle.

The pusher works with wide clearances concerning its basis to avoid the blocking action of sand grains.

The emptying pusher has watertightness by external washer instead of internal O-Ring as in the previous version.

Ultimately: the sand can circulate through the pump but it goes out easily, it’s really difficult for it to block.

Pump pusher is integrated on the profile to avoid unwanted pumping when pulling from the windpipe to empty it.

New windpipe really resistant that has very progressive curvature. It includes  guide-hose clamp.

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