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EBS Fins strap

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It combines new belts of essential and hydrodynamic design, adjustable to all Cressi models, with a new auto adjustable strap made in pure latex of high elasticity. The latex is the most elastic material of nature and has the property of extending to 8 times its length without breaking and with total elastic memory, which means, recovering its initial length.

Applied to the fins’ strap gives us great advantages:

  • It allows a relationship insertion comfort vs. fin’s fixation higher than spring systems, because of its high elastic coefficient (X8 vs. X1.5 of the spring)

  • It eliminates the messy need of adjustment that traditional buckles have, a process that not always guarantees a perfect heel fixing, especially with non-experienced divers or stress situations during the equipping process

  • It allows, maintaining the flapping comfort, a high pressure level over the heel which is essential to obtain a right energy transmission applied to the fin without energy loss because of the “spring effect”. This is certainly its most significant feature because a strap excessively soft, long or without elastic memory reduces drastically the fin’s efficiency

  • It assimilates the neoprene pressing of the foot pocket when descending and compressing the neoprene without fixation losses

  • It’s easily replaceable and essential both conceptually and in its production and assembly

  • The natural latex used is of maximum quality without burdens that may change its features and guarantees a high resistance to use, salt water and sun exposure

CodeEANColour / Size
EBZ 1500018022983064024TIRA ALETA EBS 18cm (par) (REACTION / FROG PLUS)
EBZ 1500028022983064031TIRA ALETA EBS 21cm (par) (REACTION / FROG PLUS)
EBZ 1500038022983064048TIRA ALETA EBS 24cm (par) (REACTION / FROG PLUS)
EBZ 1500048022983064055TIRA ALETA EBS 18cm (par) S/M (ARA/PRO LIGHT/FROG)
EBZ 1500058022983064161TIRA ALETA EBS 21cm (par) (ARA / PRO LIGHT / FROG)
EBZ 1500068022983064178TIRA ALETA CBS 24cm (par) (ARA / PRO LIGHT / FROG)
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