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BACK JAC 2.0 presents new and interesting features in relation to its predecessor. It’s a model of great success that combines the advantages of the back air chamber with the versatility of traditional vests since, apart from weight system incorporated, provides two big pockets with zip. It’s an interesting option of 100% back volume, with a structure robust but light at the same time and with low transport volume.

The harness system completely separated from the sack, now also on the shoulders area, provides absolute vest stability on the diver and releases the oppression on the chest, armpits and abs due to the sack expansion to the back area and it surrounds the bottle.

Abs area with low profile lobes.

The back air chamber provides the best increasing capacity above all Cressi range but with a higher exterior stowage volume always limited, thanks to the elastic containment tensors that have to facilitate outlet maneuver as an extra task.

The new LAS weight system 2.0 (Lock Aid System) is now more integrated on the vest profile and its thickness has been reduced. This system, which continues Cressi tradition, guarantees the maximum facility of weight insertion and disinsertion totally safe before accidental losses because its fixations incorporate a spring effect (patented) to prevent accidental fouling.

There are two fix weight compartments between the back pack and the chamber, really useful to define the diver trim.

It combines five different fabrics to achieve the suitability depending on every vest area’s requirements.

Back Pack is incredibly light and semi-flexible to fulfill its function without adding any weight or volume to the assembly. Completely covered with a comfortable neutral buoyancy pad produced in closing cell material that avoids water and air accumulation and, therefore, it reduces the buoyancy inherent to the vest and facilitates quick dry.

Its design and distribution make it 100% unisex.

Technical features:

  • Structure: Back air chamber

  • Basic materials: Nylon© 420 Deniers with Cordura reinforcements in pockets and shoulders

  • 2 wide zip-up cargo pockets

  • Adjustable chest girth

  • Harness separated from the sack

  • Semi-elastic and independent sash

  • Lock-Aid System 2.0 integrated weight system

  • 2 weight back pockets between the back pack and the air chamber

  • 3 valves for rapid discharge / overpressure

  • 2 stainless D-rings on the girths (50 mm each)

  • 2 stainless D-rings on the inferior profile (50 mm each)

  • 2 stainless D-rings on the pockets (30 mm each)

  • Rigid carry handle

  • Fixing girth to the valve

  • Very light semi-rigid back pack.

CodeEANColour / Size
DIC 7410008022983033365T/XS
DIC 7410018022983033372T/S
DIC 7410028022983033389T/M
DIC 7410038022983033396T/L
DIC 7410048022983033402T/XL
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