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CARBON combines a traditional structure with great ascensional capacity because of its particular pattern that oversizes the lobes and is extended to the hips.

Its profile is highly hydrodynamic which turns it to be a jacket with unusual relationship ascensional capacity - stowage volume - advance facility underwater.

It's also a really balanced model regarding lightness, resistance, pocket's capacity, comfort and it has very content price.

This off-road jacket incorporates the 2.0 version of the LOCK AID SYSTEM ballast system, now as safe and easy to manage as before but with a lighter structure that allows using the jacket without ballast system. +Info

Two lead-holder pockets allow the perfect distribution of the ballast in axis with the tank, in the back of the jacket.

The semi-rigid back pack stabilizes the tank almost without adding weight and with a minimum volume.

New fixation flap of the windpipe made of thermorubber with embossed logo.

New high discharging valve of low profile with non-return valve that avoids accidental water entrance.

It has a very complete set of accessories: adjustable elastic abdominal strap that is completely independent from the sack, attractive pad of the neutral buoyancy back pack, and stainless steel trapezoidal rings with angulated design and "Y" hose-holder.

Technical features:

  • Material: nylon 420 Deniers reinforced with Cordura

  • 2 big pockets with zip to carry objects

  • Integral ballast-holder system Lock Aid System 2.0

  • 2 back pockets to carry ballast

  • Semi-rigid traditional Cressi back pack

  • Adjustable elastic belly strap, separated from the sack

  • 3 air discharge valves

  • 4 stainless steel trapezoidal rings to carry accessories

  • 2 "Y" hose-holders

  • Great ascensional capacity: 15.3 Kg (M size)


Sizess from XS to XL

CodeEANColour / Size
DIC 7413008022983075662T/XS
DIC 7413018022983075679T/S
DIC 7413028022983075686T/M
DIC 7413038022983075693T/L
DIC 7413048022983075709T/XL
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