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New one piece wetsuit designed to meet the demands of many dive centres. It has many improvements and features of probably the most widespread one piece wetsuit in schools, our traditional DIVER wetsuit, but with new features and improvements in resistance level studied paying attention to the details of clothing that most influence the duration and performance of a school and rental wetsuit. Endurance is an unbeatable option to enhance the image of the dive centre and the amortization of the investment that neoprene wetsuits entail.


  • Its broad spectrum pattern making it an ideal suit for school and rental

  • YKK© 10 pitch front zip with metallic zipper with high quality marine treatment for strength and durability

  • Finished cuffs with Lycra bead finish, looking for maximum simplicity and elasticity for greater strength and durability

  • YKK© 10 metal ankle zipper with high quality marine treatment for strength and durability. Reinforced with a bead to facilitate the work of placing and removing the suit

  • Wide protections Small Dyamond© elastic on knees and shins with new design at the top to minimize the possibility of breakage when placing the suit

  • Reinforced elastic lining panels Small Dyamond© of great resistance in buttocks, waist and shoulders. The reinforced shoulder area extends towards the arms to reduce the usual deterioration in Diving Center use of the shoulder area by the combined action of the hanger, the sun and the weight of the suit itself that is concentrated at this point

  • Specially quick-drying nylon lining

  • New flap and face band in double lined neoprene for greater tear and sun resistance

  • Reinforcement with puller at the beginning of the zipper

  • Upper hood band in high visibility red

  • Aesthetically compatible with Diver and Endurance models

  • Custom “Diving” logos with sleeve transfer that allows the insertion of numbering or name in the dive center

  • It includes in a very visible way the size, mm and pattern (male or female) of the suit

  • Available in 5 and 7 mm, male, female and child versions

  • Also available in version without hood: ENDURANCE


Sizes and colours:

Man: Black. Sizes from 2 to 7
Woman: Black. Sizes from 1 to 4
Junior: Black. Sizes from 1 to 4

CodeEANColour / Size
CLV 5000028022983175560UOMO 5mm S/2
CLV 5000038022983175577UOMO 5mm M/3
CLV 5000048022983175584UOMO 5mm L/4
CLV 5000058022983175591UOMO 5mm XL/5
CLV 5000068022983175607UOMO 5mm XXL/6
CLV 5000078022983175614UOMO 5mm XXXL/7
CLV 5000118022983175621DONNA 5mm XS/1
CLV 5000128022983175638DONNA 5mm S/2
CLV 5000138022983175645DONNA 5mm M/3
CLV 5000148022983175652DONNA 5mm L/4
CLV 5000158022983175669DONNA 5mm XL/5
CLV 5000218022983175676JUNIOR  5mm  XS (8-9 años)
CLV 5000228022983175683JUNIOR  5mm  S (10-11 años)
CLV 5000238022983175690JUNIOR  5mm  M (12-13 años)
CLV 5000248022983175706JUNIOR 5mm  L (14-15 años)
CLV 5000328022983175713UOMO 7mm S/2
CLV 5000338022983175720UOMO 7mm M/3
CLV 5000348022983175737UOMO 7mm L/4
CLV 5000358022983175744UOMO 7mm XL/5
CLV 5000368022983175751UOMO 7mm XXL/6
CLV 5000418022983175768DONNA 7mm XS/1
CLV 5000428022983175775DONNA 7mm S/2
CLV 5000438022983175782DONNA 7mm M/3
CLV 5000448022983175799DONNA 7mm L/4
CLV 5000458022983175805DONNA 7mm XL/5
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