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LEONARDO  is the first computer designed, developed and produced in Italy 100% by its subsidiary company Cressi Elettronica founded 4 years ago. It’s a construction computer completely modular, robust and it has a wide UFDS display which inherits the proverbial navigation and menu facility from computers with software Cressi. It does have extremely complete Nitrox management, Gauge mode and reset option. The algorithm incorporates RGBM and deep stop.

The menu and navigation system are identical to all Cressi computers, meaning with reading facility, data access and exemplary parameters’ modification. It’s remarkable the facility of configuration, of navigation through several menus and access to a great quantity of information that provides always very intuitively.

Use Friendly Display System. The information distribution, the display contrast, the dimensions and the digit’s size have been studied to facilitate reading. All data is presented segmented by slight separation lines that facilitate reading even in stress or emergency situation. The display can be backlighted through a pusher and when the alarm sounds.

The batteries’ duration has been prolonged by a combination of systems: economy mode when we don’t use the computer with automatic start. Low consumption processor and battery CR2430 replaceable manually without tools.

Interface with diving computer’s connection through simply holding the computer and PC connection with USB. The software is suitable for all Windows and Mac versions.

Gauge calibrated in salt water to obtain the maximum precision in its more usual usage.

It’s available in six colors: black-grey, black-dark blue, white-black, white-pink, black-yellow, black-black.


  • Polyvalent Air / Nitrox between 21% and 50% O2 with 1% growths.
  • Algorithm Haldane 9 fabrics modified.
  • RGBM + Deep Stop (optional).
  • Customizable algorithm in 3 levels (Safety Factor: SF0, SF1, SF2).
  • It allows successive dives with different mixtures.
  • P02 adjustable from 1.0 to 1.6
  • Diving planning mode.
  • Logbook independent by modalities: 75 dives or 60 diving hours with 16 information data about each dive.
  • Variable increase velocity with graphic indicator and visual and acoustic alarms.
  • Configurable altitude.
  • Acoustic and visual alarms with display light: P02, CNS, growth velocity, DECO, omitted DECO.
  • Calibrated in salt water to obtain a great precision.
  • NO DEC TIME and DEC TIME with 3 digits.
  • Optional safety decompression stop in case of dives at safety curve.
  • 3 years approximate autonomy (50 annual dives).
  • Temperature, instant P02, hour and mixture used are visible underwater pushing a button.
  • Backlighted display (one push, 5 seconds).
  • Reset option through menu. It eliminates the residual nitrogen memory to allow it to be used in diving centers or to be rented.


This mode has been studied to provide the basic precise parameters for diving with mixtures and decompression charts calculated with a specific program.

  • Gauge calibrated in salt water (maximum precision).
  • Current depth supply, maximum depth, dive time and temperature.
  • Logbook independent from dives made in Gauge mode.
  • Operable chronometer.

WATCH MODE (outside the water):

  • Hour, weekday and date.

CodeEANColour / Size
EKS 7700008022983068701Negro-Negro
EKS 7700508022983048215Negro-Gris
EKS 7700518022983058870Negro-Amarillo
EKS 7700528022983048222Negro-Azul
EKS 7700548022983049199Negro-Rosa
EKS 7701508022983049205Blanco-Negro
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