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Weight system L.A.S. 2.0 Lock Aid System

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The Back Jac and Aquaride 2012 new models have got the weight system LAS (Lock Aid System) from standard series. This system copes with the traditional C-Trim System and the new L.A.S. 1.0 in the same collection due to the fact that all of them have technical reasons to coexist on the market.

L.A.S. 2.0 is based on a horizontal system of pocket insertion / disinsertion located on the front part of the jacket. This system, which continues Cressi tradition, guarantees that ballast management can be done intuitively and automatically, even with the jacket put on or in bad conditions (in flotation, with rough sea, etc.). The pockets, which enter perfectly channeled in their position, and a D-ring set on the manhole facilitate the fabric tend and the directly bag entrance.

Regarding the previous version, LAS 2.0 reduces drastically the total volume of the mechanism, especially the one that is integrated in the vest, making it much more flat, light and discreet, and allowing the diver to use the jacket without the ballast system.

L.A.S. 2.0 maintains other considered priorities: security before usual accidental ballast losses. Cressi has managed to incorporate a 15 mm spring effect to prevent accidental hooking. The diver, when removing the ballast from its container, doesn’t have any difficulty although it’s really releases two stages: balancing and real uncoupling.

The pockets are reinforced with a rigid plate to facilitate the sliding. They are shared in all sizes from XS to XL and identical in both sides, which facilitates spare parts’ management for shops and allow capacity until 4.5 kg each with flexible weight. 

CodeEANColour / Size
EIZ 7500948022983053158BOLSILLO PORTALASTRE L.A.S. 2.0 - UD.
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