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Apart from its finishes high quality regarding sewing, thermowelding and pattern, Desert highlights because of the use of precompressed neoprene from 7 to 4 mm. This neoprene has the advantage of an excellent thermal protection on the seabed due to its incompressibility, together with a very reduced need of ballast. It also reduces the need of using thick underwear as in tri-layer suits.

The rigidity of this kind of neoprene has been balanced with using Ultraspan© exterior lining with shining finish, which has excellent hydrodynamic sliding and great elasticity in all senses. This way we combine comfort equivalent to a wetsuit of high range appearance and extremely brilliant technical features.

Areas with bigger tendency to erosion are reinforced with exterior Small Dyamond© fabric: shoulders, high part of the chest, armpits, crotches, knees and tibias.

LIQUID SEAL sewing sealing to obtain greater resistance to erosion and fraying. The areas than can require repair or substitution like cuffs, neck or foot pockets have the traditional sewing to facilitate the substitution work in case it is needed.

Watertightness in neck and wrists made of extremely elastic neoprene, with Ultraspan lining, of 5 mm (wrists) and 3 mm (neck) easily replaceable in case of deterioration.

Sitech© valves. The inflating valve is located in the chest through side pushing, to avoid accidental auctioning, and the emptying valve is over the left arm.

8 pitch BDM© zip in marine brass that guarantees a great reliability without excessively damaging the elasticity of the suit in the back area. The access to the wetsuit has been oversized to facilitate the insertion and the zip is protected by an external flap to avoid tearing and abrasion.

Neoprene pocket over the hip to carry objects. YKK zip.

Knee / tibia area with elastic anti-tearing reinforcements in Tatex®. This kind of renforcements don't practically limit the neoprene's elasticity, provide enough support and facilitates the wetsuit insertion.

Foot pockets without sole and with restricted reinforcement to support areas to avoid reducing the adaptability in different feet sizes. Black Diamond© sole fabric of high resistance to abrasion. This way, we facilitate stock and orders' management, we improve the thermicity of the suit, we maintain the usual blade sizing and we avoid the critical point of the union rigid boot - calf, one of the areas with greater breaking level and water filtrations among wetsuits.

Hood, parafine zipstick and mat-bag are included.

Optional available LUX reinforced boots with special price to put over the foot pocket without sole incorporated to the wetsuit.

Available as optional interior thermal Drylastic overalls.


Sizes and colors:

Men: black/dark grey. Sizes from 2 to 7
Womwn: black/dark grey. sizes from 1 to 5


Descripción resumida

Wetsuit in compressed neoprene from 7 to 4 mm with extremely elastic Ultraspan© interior and exterior lining | Liquid Seal sewing reinforcement | Areas with greater tendency to erosion are reinforced with external Small Dyamond© fabric: shoulders, high part of the chest, armpits, crotches, knees and tibias | 8 pitch BDM© zip in marine brass | Foot pocket without sole + 5 mm LUX independent foot pocket (optional) | Sitech valves | Maximum quality of finishes and assembly | Neoprene pocket over the hip to carry objects | Hood, parafine zipstick and mat-bag are included | Available as optional interior thermal Drylastic overalls.

CodeEANColour / Size
CLQ 4010028022983074191UOMO T/2
CLQ 4010038022983074207UOMO T/3
CLQ 4010048022983074214UOMO T/4
CLQ 4010058022983074221UOMO T/5
CLQ 4010068022983074238UOMO T/6
CLQ 4010078022983074245UOMO T/7
CLQ 4011018022983074252DONNA T/1
CLQ 4011028022983074269DONNA T/2
CLQ 4011038022983074276DONNA T/3
CLQ 4011048022983074283DONNA T/4
CLQ 4011058022983074290DONNA T/5
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