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Fin GARA 2000 HF

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This is the first fin that is made of three different materials merged in the same process (patented by Cressi). Each one is applied on distinct areas of the fin according to its requirements of flexibility, hardness, reaction or resistance. Thus, the required ideal and dynamic feature can be allocated on each area without the need of increasing thickness, obtaining great lightness and inertia saving.


  • Flexible elastomer –thermo rubber – Shore 50º (grey color): it’s applied on areas that require flexibility and elasticity (on the foot pocket’s forefoot, the sole’s interior and the instep area that is in contact with the anckle) because that influences the diver’s comfort

  • Compact elastomer Shore 90º (black color): it’s flexible but not elastic. It’s applied on areas that require a rubber composition, anti-slip but strong and of great resistance (on the longitudinal ribs, foot pocket’s sole and foot’s head strap). This material links the energy transmission critical point (the instep) with the nerves in a single piece, avoiding the usual energy loss through extremely flexible components of the foot pocket that produce a heavy and slow flutter that fatigues the instep

  • High-modulus propylene: this material, inherited from apnea fins, has as main feature the extremely rapid energy transmission applied and its great structural rigidity. It is applied on the blade and on the internal sandwich sole area. It is really nervous and reactive and facilitates an effective and agile flutter. It has a relationship effort-efficiency clearly superior to traditional materials. It also has a great resistance to breaks to the point that Cressi guarantees it lifelong to a sportive usage

The molecular fusion of its materials provides an effort transmission radically higher than the one that is produced on the classic interchangeable configuration.

Each size (4 in total) has each own molds of foot pocket and blade, so its features and effort level required of each size are totally proportional.

This is a fin born from apnea that is very appreciated by guides and diving instructors who work in areas with water flows.

Sizes Lenght Width Height  Height Blade’s length One fin’s weight
40/41 84 cm 21,5 cm 8 cm 58 cm 795 g
42/43 85,5 cm 21,5 cm 9 cm 58,5 cm 890 g
44/45 87,5 cm 22 cm 9,5 cm 59 cm 970 g
46/47 89,5 cm 22,5 cm 9,5 cm 59 cm 1025 g




CodeEANColour / Size
ABH 1150408022983000640Negro 40/41
ABH 1150428022983000657Negro 42/43
ABH 1150448022983000664Negro 44/45
ABH 1150468022983000671Negro 46/47
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