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Its characteristics are identical to Gara Profesional, but with blade made in polypropylene instead of Compoflex, a softer material (also in Gara 2000 and Gara 3000), that together with the reduced thicknesses of this fin make it a perfect model to long usage and cold waters’ usage. The Professional LD (Long Distance) can be differenced from its sister HF because of the light grey blade and a 20% more flexible composition, perfect for fishing and apnea (medium and medium-high levels). It has the best features also when swimming on the surface and vertically on the seabed as inferior muscle wear.

Its advanced design wants to obtain the maximum efficiency of the used materials: propylene and thermoplastic rubber of two different harnesses.

Cressi maintains its particular philosophy of making one-piece fins. When there’s a molecular fusion of the materials the effort transmission is radically higher than when produced in the classic interchangeable configuration.

Also this Cressi model uses for the first time its exclusive construction “Foot pocket under the blade” in apnea fins, in a way that it balances the effort and the efficiency both of the negative fluttering and of the positive one, and the high part of the blade on the side of the foot pocket is also effective.

Blade with profile of decreasing thickness (from 4 mm to 2 mm) to make the curving to be more progressive eliminating the skidding tendency, since the first half of the set is more rigid and the last half is more flexible.

Each size has a blade proportional to its measurements, maintaining an identical rigidity and surface level no matter who is the user. There’s the possibility of purchasing separately in case of loss or break.


Sizes: 40/41 - 42/43 - 44/45 - 46/47.

CodeEANColour / Size
ABH 145140802298304230540/41
ABH 145142802298304231242/43
ABH 145144802298304232944/45
ABH 145146802298304233646/47
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