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Wetsuit APNEA 2018

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APNEA 2018 is the new version of the traditional CRESSI APNEA, an essential suit and with materials of the highest quality and highly valued by freedivers, fishermen and professionals for its performance-durability-price ratio.

Made of average density neoprene with a specially flexible lining of Nylon to improve comfort and adaptation.

New pattern that makes easier the dilation of the rib cage and back, as well as the movement of the arms, by having a single panel of neoprene without seams on the entire side of the torso, armpits and inside the arms. The tightness of cuffs, ankles and face have also been improved.

Open cell neoprene in the inside with Blacklite© coating for making it easy to put it on without the need to wet the suit. The BlackLite® exclusive primer coat makes possible to put on the suit without requiring the use of soapy water, and once placed, maintains 100% the qualities of the "pure" open cell, in terms of adhesion, elasticity and thermal insulation.

New double oversized load support with padding and non-slip and ripstop fabric.

Semi-flexible Tatex © knee pads, divided in two protection elements.

Cut ending without fabric profile, simple, effective and comfortable.

Non long John pants for optimal dilation of the rib cage.

Customized with attractive detail transfers.

Available in 3'5, 5 and 7 mm versions.


CodeEANColour / Size
CLE 45010280229830933143,5mm S/2
CLE 45010380229830933213,5mm M/3
CLE 45010480229830933383,5mm L/4
CLE 45010580229830933453,5mm XL/5
CLE 45010680229830933523,5mm XXL/6
CLE 45020280229830933695mm S/2
CLE 45020380229830933765mm M/3
CLE 45020480229830933835mm L/4
CLE 45020580229830933905mm XL/5
CLE 45020680229830934065mm XXL/6
CLE 45030280229830934137mm S/2
CLE 45030380229830934207mm M/3
CLE 45030480229830934377mm L/4
CLE 45030580229830934447mm XL/5
CLE 45030680229830934517mm XXL/6
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