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AGUA is the last Cressi creation in high range fins to start snorkeling and to swim with fins.

It’s made with the same materials of the most technical range: polypropylene for the blade and really flexible thermoplastic rubber for the foot pocket and the longitudinal nerves. The polypropylene is a material inherited from professional apnea fins. It’s light, resistant and it has as main dynamic feature the quick elastic return of the blade that is translated into a fluid, agile and efficient fluttering. It has an effort / efficiency relationship clearly higher than rubber (natural or thermoplastic), polyurethane or E.V.A. Also, it has a great breaking resistance to the point that Cressi guarantees it lifelong for sport use.

The foot pocket, extremely comfortable, is in line with the blade and transmits all the effort made when fluttering without energy loss through soft areas. This format allows channeling the water from the ankle to the final extreme of the blade, unlike traditional models, where the foot pocket has no improvement on the advance. Reinforced in the high part through supplementary thickness and in the sides by two polypropylene extensions from the blade to avoid energy dispersion and making the effort transmission of foot / foot pocket / blade to be direct and precise.

The internal space of the foot pocket is extremely anatomic because it has been designed with effort through computer applying loads of measurements to set anatomically perfect volumes. It guarantees a perfect strength transmission leg / foot / blade.

The sole is completely rigid to avoid cramps and to transmit the effort without energy loss through elastic areas. It has anti-sliding thermo welded insertions.

The fins structure has the foot pocket under the blade to keep the feet completely protected from occasional blows or erosion with the seabed and extending the useful surface of the blade over the instep. The foot pocket integrated at medium height of the blade improves the hydrodynamics and balances the effectiveness of the positive and negative fluttering.


Colors: Yellow, Black, Blue, Turquoise, Pink
Sizes: from 35-36 to 46-47. KID 
Version (Turquoise and Pink): from 31-32 to 33-34


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