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Adjustable fins specific for use it without foot pockets or with foot pockets without sole. The foot pocket has an anatomy studied to fill in three feet sizes comfortably and without annoying spaces thanks to its internal area especially stylized, combined with a material of excellent relationship consistency-elasticity.

The result is an extraordinary fin from the practical point of view that adapts practically in all feet and that allows a quick and easy insertion and disinsertion in any situation. It’s really polyvalent for several family members or friends group and it has loads of advantages for diving center and renting stock.

The blade, thin with nerves, provides a pleasant, reactive and stable fluttering thanks to the high-module propylene that is been used.

Colors: Blue-light blue, Black-pink, Black-yellow and Titanium.

  • Black-yellow: from 32-35 to 44-47
  • Black-pink: from 29-32 to 38-41
  • Blue-light blue: from 29-32 to 44-47
  • Titanium: from 35-38 to 44-47

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