Glasses COBRA

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Glasses with one-volume mask, featured by the presence inside of the structure of an elastic element that allows adapting perfectly to a great number of facial profiles.

Unbreakable lenses with anti-scratch, anti-UV and anti-fog treatments.

Unbreakable adjustable buckles.

There’s the possibility of replacing instantaneously the set buckle-strap with other models of Cressi range.

Especial assembly to preserve the features throughout the years.

Available in two different sizes, COBRA for adults and COBRA KID for kids.

CodeEANColour / Size
FDE 2019228022983039213Marino-transparente
FDE 2019318022983047348Blanco-ahumada
FDE 2019408022983039220Rosa-transparente
FDE 2019508022983039237Negro-transparente
FDE 2019588022983036397Rojo-transparente
FDE 2019918022983040943DARK Rojo
FDE 2019928022983040950DARK Negro
FDE 2019998022983036427Colores surtidos
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