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Goggles PLANET

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CodeEANColour / Size
FDE 2026208022983049885Blanco-azul
FDE 2026408022983049892Blanco-rosa
FDE 2026418022983049908Blanco-lila
FDE 2026508022983049915Negro-plata
FDE 2026518022983050140Negro-plata ahumada
FDE 20265558022983978529Azul metal
FDE 2026998022983049922Colores surtidos
FDE 2027228022983067742Negro-azul
FDE 2027588022983049939DARK Negro-rojo ahumada
FDE 2027678022983067759Dark-lima

Swimming and aquatic sports one-piece mask.

Very stable involving silicone skirt that adapts perfectly to all kinds of physiognomies. Perfect for medium and wide faces.

Silicone strap. Removable micro regulation buckles with only one hand.

Minimum thickness polycarbonate frame to avoid annoying contact points with the face.

Reinforced central bridge to avoid loss of vision in the goggles.

Polycarbonate glasses with anti-fog and anti-UV treatments, slightly curved on the sides to avoid optical mistakes common in many curved goggles underwater.

Wide range of colors.

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