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TRITON benefits from the wide Cressi experience in patterns, assembly and materials, which comes from apnea and diving suits. Its design optimizes the comfort and avoids scuff marks especially in points of great movement.

This integral one-piece suit has been specifically designed for swimming and apnea although its technical features make it a high range optimal option for warm water diving.

It’s made in high density neoprene of 1.5 mm, with exterior flat finish and waterproof Glide Skin treatment that guarantees an exceptional hydrodynamics level and great resistance to tearing. The Ultrastretch© inside lining, extremely elastic and soft to avoid scuff marks.

The neck finishes are made through flat neoprene hems to optimize the suit’s comfort avoiding scuff marks.

YKK semi watertight zip with metallic cursor that has anti-corrosion treatment to obtain the perfect resistance.

“Plain vs. plain” flaps to minimize water infiltration on the dorsal area.

The panels assembly has been made through flat sewing with anti scuff marks thread.


Sizes and colors:
Man: black/green. Sizes from 1 to 6
Woman: black/orange. Sizes from 1 to 4

CodeEANColour / Size
FDG 0022018022983067469T/1
FDG 0022028022983066813T/2
FDG 0022038022983066820T/3
FDG 0022048022983066837T/4
FDG 0022058022983066844T/5
FDG 0022068022983066851T/6
FDG 0023018022983066868T/1
FDG 0023028022983066875T/2
FDG 0023038022983066882T/3
FDG 0023048022983066899T/4
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