Snorkel DRY Novedad

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The DRY snorkel has an unparalleled terminal on the superior part that has a special valve with 100% anti-splash buoying system that closes the tube on the moment that it’s underwater avoiding water entrance.

The inferior part has a plain silicone interior corrugated tube that maintains the nozzle always well-positioned and it doesn’t interfere with the regulator when it’s placed in the mouth.

The silicone nozzle is extraordinarily anatomic and its assembly is identical to the one of the regulator.

A special valve with elliptical emptying diaphragm facilitates the water removal with the minimum effort.

Available colors: clear-yellow, clear-pink, clear-silver, clear-blue, clear-purple, dark-dark.

CodeEANColour / Size
AES 2750098022983139081Dark-dorado
AES 2750508022983139098Dark-negro
AES 2755508022983139104Dark-azul metalizado
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