Cressi España Professional diving equipment SINCE 1946
Made in Italy
Goma en rollo SCARLET

Exceptional Cressi-sub rubber with external diameter of 18mm and inside of 2.5mm. Hardness shore 42. Black color. It’s the traditional Cressi rubber commercialized in traditional versions under the name S45.

It’s perfect to use it as personalized assembly for fishers that prefer one rubber and require a lot of acceleration strength without damages made by the rod.

The basic composition is pure latex of Malaysia without any kind of burden or mix of impurities in its composition, except for the black color and the inert necessary products to provide them the perfect hardness (shore 38) and make them highly resistant to UV action, salt water and ozone.

All Cressi rubbers are vulcanized naturally without process acceleration, for a maximum elastic action. The fabrication is 100% national with an optimal control of the production. The interior tube of minimum diameter and perfectly centered is one of its traditional features.

Its pure composition make them to have an extraordinary elasticity that is translated to be a completely homogeneous company of the rod, increasing in this way the shot’s scope and inertia and the penetration capacity of it, with a reduced burden difficulty comparing it with other rubbers of lower efficiency.  This elasticity allows using with facility short dimensions (depending on the liking and capacity of the fisher), increasing the rubber pushing travel over the rod, which puts it in advantage before rubbers of higher diameter or hardness.

The Cressi rubbers are used for the most prestigious international handmade spear guns’ producers because of its quality and features.

Presentation in roll of 3m y 1,5m for personalized assembly providing. It’s provided in a wide blister to minimize the latex’s curvature.

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New presentation in roll of 3m y 1,5m for personalized assembly providing or without bushings.

Composition and hardness (shore 42) controlled production by production.

External diameter 18 mm, tube of 2.5 mm.

Recommended price
EFZ 400042C
GOMA A METROS S45 3.0 ø17,5mm (aprox. 1,5mts)
EFZ 400042N
GOMA A METROS S45 3.0 ø17,5mm (aprox. 3mts)
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