Cressi España Professional diving equipment SINCE 1946
Made in Italy


Evolution of the mythical model Focus, the most polyvalent and one of the most successful masks of Cressi-sub. Perla benefits from the facial one of this model with a percentage of adaptability of more than 85 % and praised by all the professionals, installing a mount of similar lines but with a system of assembly simplified to offer a surprising competitive price. Clasps integrated to the mount very resistant with mike regulation by means of push-button with an alone hand. It is a model 100% polyvalent indicated so much for snorkeling as for apnea and dive, polyvalent also for utilization in diving centers. Facial and strap in liquid transparent silicone or dark/black. 


GAMMA Snorkel

Specially anatomical snorkel of high range with a progressive profile completely rounded. Top baffle to reduce the entry of water due to the surge without harming the flow of air entrance. Transparent snorkel in very flexible unbreakable polyurethane with mixed dull - brilliant texture. Trachea in silicone autorientable with smooth interior not to harm the traffic of the water. Mouthpiece of very comfortable silicone with thicknesses differentiated to liberate of tensions the jaw. Basin of lateral unload and valve of unload with elliptical membrane of silicone protected to avoid the entry of grains of sand. The connection mouthpiece / snorkel is specially safe before a possible accidental separation. Polyvalent for its utilization placed to the left side or to the right of the face. Tweezer holds transparent pipe of easy placement and very safe. 



Made with the same materials as in the most technical range: polypropylene for the blade and thermoplastic very flexible rubber for the foot pocket and the longitudinal nerves. The polypropylene is light, resistant and has like principal feature the elastic return of the blade that is translated in a fluid and effective flutter by a limited effort. The structure of the fin places the housing for the foot under the blade staying this one totally protected from eventual blows or frets against the bottom and prolonging the useful surface of the blade over the instep. The foot pocket integrated to half a height of the blade, improves the hydrodynamics and balances the efficiency of the positive flutter and the negative. The foot pocket, very comfortable, has a completely rigid sole to avoid cramps and to transmit the effort without losses of energy across elastic zones. 


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Presentation in reusable polyester bag, with mesh of ventilation and bandoleer.

Recommended price
ACA 179535
KIT PLUMA Negro 35/36 (Perla + Pluma + Gamma)
ACA 179537
KIT PLUMA Negro 37/38 (Perla + Pluma + Gamma)
ACA 179539
KIT PLUMA Negro 39/40 (Perla + Pluma + Gamma)
ACA 179541
KIT PLUMA Negro 41/42 (Perla + Pluma + Gamma)
ACA 179543
KIT PLUMA Negro 43/44 (Perla + Pluma + Gamma)
ACA 179545
KIT PLUMA Negro 45/46 (Perla + Pluma + Gamma)
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