Cressi España Professional diving equipment SINCE 1946
Made in Italy
Máscara MATRIX

It’s a historical name for a very advanced polyvalent mask, but especially interesting for apnea. Minimum thickness frame (6mm) adapted in a format with Big Eyes concept, which extends the glasses over the cheeks increasing the low vision 30% regarding a traditional mask. The glass proximity to the eyes improves the side and high visibility of the frame thanks to the new structure reducing the intern volume at record levels (80 cm3). New minimized belts and easily adjustable.

Lince can be considered at all levels the little sister of Matrix, regarding volume and dimensions. Lince comes from the mythic Big Eyes, from which it maintains all exceptional features in terms of visibility, with a studied skirt especially for women and kids.

Its intern and reduced volume lower than the specific apnea models and can be used with great satisfaction even by followers of the most exigent descents in apnea.

Its extraordinarily vertical vision, joined to an excellent comfort and to a regulation system of the strap modern and effective, make Lince to be an indispensable model for any activity underwater, from snorkeling and apnea to usage with diving equipment.

Technical features

  • Double glass mask.
  • Versions: clear silicone, black silicone.
  • Materials: liquid silicone, technopolymers and tempered glass.
  • Tilting belts of immediate regulation.
  • Extremely reduced internal volume.
  • Frame dimensions: 158x105.5mm.
  • Weight: 165 g.
  • Graduated glasses: non available
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Lince descends from the mythical Big Eyes, from which preserves all the exceptional characteristics in terms of visibility, with the facial one studied expressly for women and children.

Its extraordinary visibility joined the highest comfort and a modern system of regulation of the strip and effective, they do of Lince an indispensable model for any activity under the water, from snorkeling and apnea up to the employment with the equipment of skin-diving.

Recommended price
ADS 311010
LINCE 2 Transp.-amarillo
ADS 311020
Transparente - azul
ADS 311030
LINCE 2 Transp.-lila
ADS 311040
LINCE 2 Transp.-rosa
ADS 311063
LINCE 2 Transp.-aguamarina
ADS 311099
LINCE 2 Transp.-col. surtidos
ADS 312050
LINCE 2 Dark-negro
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