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Fisterra was born in version 8-7 mm, to answer the professional diver’s need in cold water. The demand of professional divers, diving instructors and users that require the maximum thermal features and comfort have encouraged us to incorporate in the collection a new 5mm version for tempered water.

Fisterra 5mm is a resistant, watertight and high thermal conductivity combination with jacket without zips and high pants with bib. It’s a combination that unifies characteristics that place it on the vertex of pure features in a diving suit of this thickness.

It has LC (Low Compression) neoprene that guarantees an optimal thermal protection on the seabed due to its high resistance to compression perfect for professional work or long-lasting diving.

Exterior Nylon lining very resistant and dense with the interior elastic curl X-Plush and waterproof. It has a great movement that facilitates the insertion and disinsertion at the same time that has a great thermal memory.

Wide kneepads-shin pads and anti abrasion elbow pads made of Supratex©.

5mm interior plain neoprene watertight cuffs on face, wrists and ankles especially resistant and watertight.

Axillary specific pattern that allows great movement of the arms because it completely eliminates the sewing under the arms.


Sizes from 2 to 6


CodeEANColour / Size
CLK 4890028022983066127T/2
CLK 4890038022983066134T/3
CLK 4890048022983066141T/4
CLK 4890058022983066158T/5
CLK 4890068022983066165T/6
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